Who We Are

Since the early years of the 1900s, the Panni Family has been working for the Riviera in the Tourism sector.

Always, the Panni family puts experience, kindness, and courtesy at the service of their guests. We will be able to make you feel part of the family, in an oasis of tranquility, relaxation, and fun. How nice is it to have someone who welcomes you every day with a beautiful smile?



He started working alongside his brother in 1966, after military service. If Lelio is the arm, he is the mind of Bagno Riviera 1. Always attentive to every need, he will meet your every request.

The typical “DOC Romagnolo”. Brilliant and dynamic, he is an excellent organizer of tournaments and events. His favorite beach game is bocce. When he asks you to play “a dry ball”, be careful, you are about to be the victim of some joke. Great worker.

Bagno Riviera 1 di Rivabella - Paolo


He was the first to set foot on the sands of Bagno Riviera 1, at just 16 years old when he started working with Uncle Olinto. In 1964 he acquired the establishment with the family and since then has dedicated body and soul to the beach.

He is a fishing lover, a passion that has always lived within him and which he cannot do without. Always with a smile for everyone, he will amaze you with his innate cordiality. But be careful, when he has the cards in hand and plays trump, he reaps victims mercilessly.

Bagno Riviera 1 di Rivabella - Lelio


Like every great story, he moved from Rome for love towards the beautiful Federica, daughter of Paolo, thus becoming part of the Panni family since 2012. The passion for fishing unites him in an indissoluble relationship with Lelio and with Paolo the continuous desire to joke.

Don’t be fooled by his fierce look, he has a big heart and the Romagnoli have shown him that there is nothing more beautiful than a welcoming smile. He follows in the footsteps and advice of Paolo (also with bocce). Does the pupil always surpass the master? Not yet.

Bagno Riviera 1 di Rivabella - Dario


For twenty years she has been helping in the management of the beach. To her, the care of details, thanks to her innate creativity and floral passion. She is the green thumb of Bagno Riviera 1. The hibiscus that she personally chooses every year will leave you speechless. Kind and cute in manners, she always has a good word for everyone. She only has one weakness, on the hottest days, she NEVER declines an aperitif at sunset with a cold beer and in good company!

Bagno Riviera 1 di Rivabella - Federica


Sister of FEDE and daughter of PAOLINO. Her eclectic and unpredictable personality will amaze you. It is said that she knows no sadness, no one has ever seen her pout. To her, the hard task of organizing themed events.

Thanks to her enthusiasm, you will not be able to distinguish her from the little ones! Her motto is: “a day without a smile is a day not lived!”. Roby is the jolly of Bagno Riviera for sympathy and creativity!

Bagno Riviera 1 di Rivabella - Roberta


For over 50 years we have been welcoming our guests.
We can't wait to show you too the true meaning of local "Romagnola" hospitality among laughter and much carefreeness.

Valentina Paci
Abbiamo passato una splendida vacanza. Grazie a tutto lo staff super disponibile e efficiente. Spiaggia curata nel dettaglio, ottima pulizia dei servizi igienici e inoltre piacevole intrattenimento per i più piccoli. Grazie a presto
Enrica Olivero
Spiaggia molto pulita e in ordine grazie all'ottimo staff. Possibilità di utilizzare docce tiepide, disponibili giochi per bambini e non. Bellissimo mare!
Carmine Balsamo
Non ci manca nulla