If you want to know how the price policy works at the Bagno Riviera 1 establishment in Rimini at Rivabella, you are in the right place.
Prices vary, as you can well imagine, based on certain factors, in particular:

  • The duration of your stay
  • What type of accommodation you prefer

You read that right! Or rather, you did not read that you will pay more if you decide to visit us in August rather than June. We do not practice different prices based on the “low” or “high” season.

For us, whether you decide to visit us in a period between May and September does not change our commitment and our hospitality towards you. You will always pay the same price which is calculated to be able to recover the expenses we face to give you our services and ensure a fair remuneration to all those who will passionately dedicate themselves to you and the activity of the establishment.

If you can only afford holidays in August, is it fair that you are forced to pay more compared to those who can choose?
For us the answer is NO.


Deciding whether to spend just 1 day, 1 week, or the entire season obviously has an impact on the best price we can offer you.

Anyway, know that the rule (really simple) is the following:

“The longer the stay you can assure us, the greater the possibility we have in offering you an ever better deal”

The discussion is always only linked to the ability we have in amortizing the costs for all the services you can enjoy.


The last factor that affects how much your holiday will cost at the Bagno Riviera 1 establishment is the type of accommodation you prefer (and we are not referring only to the number of umbrellas and deck chairs you will need), but to the distance or proximity to the sea or to the services.

In fact, you will not pay to have a wide space between one umbrella and another, this is because we believe that “privacy” and tranquility are a right for everyone, even more on holiday, but know that we have 3 types of bands:

  • BAND 1
    Corresponds to ROW no.1, the one near the sea, where you can let yourself be pampered and enjoy the sea breeze and the sound of the sea waves.
  • BAND 2
    Corresponds to ROW no.2. Always close to the sea and slightly cheaper than ROW no.1. For those who want to save something, but without giving up the noise and the breeze of the sea.
  • BAND 3
    Corresponds from ROW no.3 onwards, the ones closest to the services and furthest from the sea. But also the cheapest ones.

In this picture, taken from above, of the establishment you can view the rows we have available, ascertain the ample distance between one umbrella and another and the proximity to the sea or to the services.


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