Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)


We hope this section can be exhaustive, however, remember you can ask us any questions or request the information you need by contacting us directly in the ways provided on the contacts page. We will be happy to answer your doubts and curiosities.

There are three price ranges and they vary based on the proximity of the location to the sea, but for more information, we invite you to consult the dedicated page here.

Certainly, we have an area entirely dedicated to our four-legged friends. The spaces between the umbrellas are even wider, just to guarantee them the right space. For small and medium-sized dogs there are no problems. For larger dogs, we invite you to contact us first.

Remember: before accessing the dog must be registered. Make sure you have the health booklet and the microchip number with you.
The dog cannot swim, but we have a shower dedicated to them behind the central cabin to refresh them.
Biscuits and cuddles are offered by us!

The dog pays €1 per day, a small contribution that however allows us to pamper him with a shower to refresh him, a bowl, a mat, and bags for excrements.

Certainly, our beach has been designed to welcome everyone. For us, accessibility must be guaranteed.
In addition to compliant sanitary facilities, we have special walkways available that allow you to reach under your umbrella with a wheelchair, and for those who want to take a bath, there is a chair with special wheels available that allows you to enter the water to refresh the spirit and not only!

All the services available on the beach are completely free for our customers. Furthermore, on weekends, we usually organize events such as aperitifs and children’s parties, entirely offered by the staff.
If you want a complete overview of our services, consult the services page

Our beach is ideal for children. For infants, we have a nursery with a sink, hot water, changing table, and potty. You can also use the microwave to heat their meals.

For older children, we have a large playground with slides, swings, rockers, and climbing. Also, during the week, an animation service is active, with games, creative workshops, face painting, and much more.

Teenage children? We have a fabulous beach tennis/soccer and ping pong field.

Certainly, we have tables in the shade under the gazebos. We just ask you to “book” them at the direction. We are many and it is good to organize to avoid surprises.

Normally the staff starts closing operations around 6:30 PM, but if you want to enjoy the sunset on your
sunbed whit a spritz or a cold beer, nobody will chase you away. We are present until about 8:30 PM.

To answer this question exhaustively, we invite you to consult the page we have created specifically for this here.


If you have other questions, don’t leave them hanging!
Contact us at this link, we will be available to give you all the information you need.


If everything is clear, all you have to do is check availability.
Start planning your well-deserved holiday!