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Here's how to book

Ensuring your vacation with us, without any last-minute surprises, is really simple.
You will NOT be asked for ANY ADVANCE for the Booking!

You will always have assistance for any problem or need. We will be happy to recommend the best places that the city of Rimini and its surroundings can offer you and support you in finding the best accommodation according to your needs. The people who will respond to you will be exactly the same people you will meet once you are relaxing under your umbrella. After all, our availability and welcome are typical of a Romagna family.

However, we invite you to read our booking and cancellation policies first.
We care that you have no surprises of any kind!


We highly recommend booking. This way you can ensure the best spot available on the beach according to your needs, especially on weekends and during periods with higher influx of people (e.g. Pink Night, Molo Street Parade, Ferragosto etc..). In this way you will have ensured your vacation without surprises.

We do not ask for any advance for your booking. For us trust and serenity are values and needs we care about.

Once we communicate the price and availability to you, all you need to do is confirm your booking with a written email.

Important: You will be contacted by phone within 7 days of your vacation to have further confirmation and to know approximately your arrival time on the beach. If we should not be able to contact you or you do not show up within the indicated time (unless notified) we will be forced to consider the booking canceled.

Of course, the booking can be changed at any time according to the availability at the moment.

It’s not a problem at all, we just hope that nothing serious has happened! It will be enough to send us an email to the address or call one of the phone numbers on the contacts page to cancel the booking.

Simple Steps to Book


Step 1
Provide the details of your vacation. You will receive a quote with all the indications to block your booking.


Step 2
No advance for the booking. We check price and availability and confirm the dates you have provided.


Step 3
No more worries. We will keep your spot well taken care of for your arrival. Remember that you can always contact us for anything.


Ready to book your vacation and not think about it anymore?
Discover the availability and price by filling out our form.

Valentina Paci
Abbiamo passato una splendida vacanza. Grazie a tutto lo staff super disponibile e efficiente. Spiaggia curata nel dettaglio, ottima pulizia dei servizi igienici e inoltre piacevole intrattenimento per i più piccoli. Grazie a presto
Enrica Olivero
Spiaggia molto pulita e in ordine grazie all'ottimo staff. Possibilità di utilizzare docce tiepide, disponibili giochi per bambini e non. Bellissimo mare!
Carmine Balsamo
Non ci manca nulla

Fill out the form to know the price and availability

Fill out the form with all the necessary information. Make sure that the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are filled out (they are mandatory).
Normally, unless unforeseen, we will answer you within 48 hours!

    PROVIDE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS (email is essential if you want to receive the quote) (leave us a phone number for any eventuality) (this way we will be able to provide you with the best directions to reach us. Write City and State of origin) VACATION DETAILS (tell us the probable arrival date on the beach) (tell us your last day on the beach at the establishment) (e.g. disabled, animals, minors etc.. Knowing your needs we will be able to provide you with a better and tailored service for you) DETAILS OF THE ACCOMMODATION (select the number of umbrellas and sunbeds you would be interested in. If your ideal combination is not among the choices, select "Other" and specify it in the next question) (e.g. use this text area to tell us the right number of sunbeds and umbrellas for you. Remember, for each umbrella we can serve you a maximum of 4 sunbeds) (select in which row you would like to stay. The 1st Row is the closest to the sea, the 3rd Row onwards instead to the services)