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5 Locations to See Around Rimini

Here are the 5 most characteristic locations to see around Rimini.

Medieval villages, fortresses, castles, historical residences, and a lot of untouched nature surround one of the most famous seaside destinations in the world.

There are days to dedicate to exploring the hinterland, among curiosities and architectures from other times, medieval villages with castles, fortresses, and alleys that will take you back in time.

Experience and savor the flavors of the past. The lands of San Giovese, piadina, Romagna mora, squacquerone, and white truffle are ready to welcome you, and we will accompany you, indicating the places that (in our opinion) deserve more than others to be seen.

Here are the 5 locations not to be missed near Rimini.

1. Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna

Small village located about 10 km from Rimini is easily reachable by car on state road 9 (Via Emilia), or by regional train.

Medieval and Byzantine style welcomes many religious and military structures, but the alleys that compose it are what characterize it the most. A tall bell tower oversees the small village. Here you can lose yourself in the tuff caves present in many local places.


2. San Marino

Did you know that from Rimini in just less than half an hour you can reach abroad?!

Exactly! The Republic of San Marino, situated on Mount Titano, 24 km from Rimini, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008.

The main characteristic is undoubtedly its towers that overlook the riviera and the respective hinterland. The historic center of the City of San Marino is characterized by many ups and downs, being developed on the top of the mountain, and by narrow alleys.

Don’t miss the view of the riviera from above.

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3. San Leo

Behind San Marino, not far away, is San Leo.

A very characteristic small medieval village that stands on a spur of a rock from which you can see San Marino and much of the Valmarecchia. It’s easy to recognize this location as its fortress seems to fall from the high rock.

Some parts of the town are only walkable and its typical pavement is made up of Roman cobblestones that formed all the roads of ancient Rome.

Worth visiting are the Romanesque cathedral and the parish church.

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4. San Mauro Pascoli

For those who love literature, a visit to San Mauro Pascoli, located about 18 km from Rimini, is a must.

The birthplace of Giovanni Pascoli, who was born and spent his childhood right here. It’s possible to visit his birth house. The city changed its name in honor of the poet (it was simply San Mauro) in 1932.

Also very interesting to see are the Pascoli family mausoleum, the tower, and the Roman furnaces.

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5. Valmarecchia

Valmarecchia is a vast area that (although only partly touches the Tuscany region from which it originates) mainly develops in Romagna.

In its valley, which touches multiple municipalities, flows the Marecchia river that ends its journey right in Rimini. On some heights, it is still possible to see the signaling towers of Roman times.

It’s in these areas that some gastronomic specialties of the region are born, such as Talamello’s pit cheese (also called “Talamello’s amber”), squacquerone (ideal accompanied with piadina), San Giovese wine, Romagna mora (a typical pig breed of Rimini that lives in the wild), and Sant’Agata Feltria’s white truffle.

The list would be very long, but we limit ourselves to this.

Valmarecchia is traversable, along the river, for 35km from Rimini to Novafeltria by a dirt bike path that starts right from Bagno Riviera 1 Rivabella.

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